Introducing LIDO™

LIDO™ is a supplemental software service that consolidates clinical trial documents, technologies and workflows into a single intelligent shared study workspace.

Using innovative technology, LIDO™ accelerates timelines, simplifies management and reduces costs by connecting and managing processes across Sponsors, CROs and Sites.

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So easy
an Investigator
will use it

Key Features

Single Sign-On

Access to all vendors in one

Document Form Fill,
Routing and Approval

No more
waiting for wet ink to dry

Interactive Workflow and
Remote Monitoring

share a single workspace

How LIDO™ Helps You


  • Trial setup in less than a minute
  • Access to all vendors in one place
  • Try for free on 2 trials


  • HIPAA/21CFR Part 11 certified
  • Independently vetted by Advarra
  • Cloud Threat Protection


  • Clinician Led Technology
  • Built for Sites by Sites
  • What our Users Say

What our Users Say

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