What is LynK™?

LynK™ is a supplemental software service which consolidates the many types of documents, technologies and workflows associated to a clinical trial into ONE intelligent unified platform and user experience. LynK™ speeds up start time, reduces costs and accelerates time and management of clinical trials by using innovative technology to connect and manage processes across Sponsors, CROs and Sites. LynK™ organizes the toolbox without replacing the toolset.

Easily accessed and shared by all Stakeholders

Core Capabilities

  • Secure Single Sign-on
  • Advanced Workflow Alerts & Notifications
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Electronic Document Routing and Signing
  • Audit Logging & Reporting
  • Secure Archive

Key Benefits

  • Faster Recruitment Times
  • Faster Trial-Start Up Times
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Cost of Physical Document Storage
  • Reduced Monitoring Costs
  • Quicker Payment Turnaround
  • Enhanced Data Security

Technical Standards

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) built on a Scalable Cloud Architecture
  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA, 21CFR, PartII, GxP, and Business Continuity compliant
  • Unified Privacy & Security Management with Cloud Threat Protection

What the Clinical Community is saying…

“Technology should be what allows us to transcend the complexity of the clinical trials process, not make it worse. We have so many usernames and passwords to keep track of and when you need to use them in real time, they often do not work, and need to be reset by a help desk.  With all of this technology I am amazed at how much paper I am still required to sign.”

– Tom Ziedalski, MD and Principal Investigator at Western Washington Medical Group.

“What used to be simple is now more complicated, and for no good reason.  It’s all in the name of using electronics.”

– Richard Litov, PhD, Director of Pedia Research

“I am a proponent of these technologies.  But the difficulty is the need to use so many different systems, which are hard to keep track of and don’t talk to each other.  All of these systems work differently, have different login credentials, and require (separate) training.”

– Jeremy Rigby, Exec. Dir. of Advanced Clinical Research

Stephanie Abbott, Pharm D., Co-Founder LIDO

Hugo Stephenson, MD, Executive Consultant of DrugDev.

Our Principles

We Believe…

Humankind has come far in developing the essential medications and treatment for our families, our loved ones, and those like us across the world. As a result we live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives than generations in the past.

By bringing all the pieces together into one place, having all your trials at your fingertips with one log in, simplicity will be achieved.

We Believe…

The clinical trial process deserves credit for the accessibility and development of these medications and treatment. We are grateful for the legacy of those who have come before us who paved the way by thinking differently and challenging the status quo. It has placed groundbreaking treatments and trials into the hands of providers and their patients.

We have come far, and yet still have work to do.

We Believe…

Technology, when done effectively, can improve accessibility and take us the rest of the way by creating simplicity between the provider and the patient.

To do that we must be bold, we must stay curious and we must not accept something as right just because it is the current way.

Providers will be free to focus on the patient NOT the technology

About Us

LIDO Inc. – A women founded clinician-led technology company. Our management team and prior experience has given us the competitive edge by combining decades of clinical trials experience with decades of technology product development both inside and outside of the clinical trials industry. We have both the technical and clinical depth to create a solution to the current industry problem.

Stephanie Abbott – Pharm D.

24 years as a clinical investigator, building clinical research centers in both a Regional Medical Center and an Outpatient Investigator Network.

Heather Thompson

26 years leading product and technology teams with a primary focus on product design, development and launch.

Sam Herrick

23 years leading technology teams building innovative products and services across multiple markets.

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